Photo of Kristine Cline

Kristine Cline

Institute Affiliate
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice
College of Pharmacy

Kristine Cline serves the College of Pharmacy and university community as an assistant professor of pharmacy practice. In her role, she coordinates large team-taught interdisciplinary courses and supports an online graduate program. Previously, she instructed undergraduate students in an asynchronous online course.

Throughout her time at Ohio State, she has advanced her teaching with a variety of UITL/Drake Institute Teaching endorsements including the Course Design Institute, Faculty FIT, and Online Teaching. In addition to these endorsements, she completed an Instructional Redesign for the Fall 2020 semester.

Cline spends the majority of time in her role supporting faculty members in a large team-taught interdisciplinary course. This includes, but is not limited to, promoting evidence-based course pedagogy initiatives with over 60 instructors. These efforts require much attention to detail, mentoring, relationship building, and collaborative learning to promote student success. Through the Drake Institute endorsement and instructional redesign programs, she has been able to enhance her own teaching practices, and ultimately help to promote the teaching practices of the many faculty she has the privilege of working with.

In addition to the teaching development opportunities she has been a part of, Kline has also had the opportunity to work with faculty on the dissemination of knowledge and experience through the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning. Sharing lessons learned and best practices is integral to the continuous improvement of teaching practices in higher education.

She has been recognized over the past two years by students and colleagues for teaching recognitions including the “P2 Teaching Award” and a “Teaching PEARL”.