Photo of Joni Tornwall

Joni Tornwall

Institute Senior Affiliate
Associate Professor of Clinical Nursing/Co-Director of the Academy for Teaching Innovation, Excellence, and Scholarship
College of Nursing

As a Drake Affiliate, Joni Tornwall offered a four-week, fully online professional development (PD) course in July 2021. It was open to all faculty and staff and aimed to enhance faculty and student knowledge of good feedback practices and develop self-regulated learning skills needed for lifelong learning. The PD course guided faculty through the process of designing and integrating student-to-student peer-review strategies for formative assessment, and it served as a foundation for faculty projects suitable to complete Component 3 of the Drake Instructional Redesign initiative.

She plans to continue her work as the Instructional Redesign (IR) cohort lead in the College of Nursing, guiding faculty through evidence-based instructional redesign projects and completion of their IR portfolios. She also plans to add to innovative teaching ideas from College of Nursing faculty to the How Are You Teaching resource page on the Drake Institute web site. As a Drake Teaching and Learning Collaborative member, she will continue to share experiences and ideas related to student academic success and faculty enrichment, and would like to continue to advocate for methodological and statistical support through the Drake Institute for faculty work in the scholarship of teaching and learning.