Jonathan (Kyle) Ezell

Faculty Mentor
Professor of Practice- Knowtlon School of Architecture / City and Regional Planning
College of Engineering, Columbus Campus

Dr. Kyle Ezell is a professor of practice in the Knowlton School's City and Regional Planning Program, an associated faculty member in OSU's Center for Real Estate, and an American Institute of Certified Planners Fellow. So far, Ezell has developed and taught 37 graduate and undergraduate courses over his teaching career. As the inaugural B.S. in City and Regional Planning (BSCRP) Chair, Ezell co-wrote, implemented, and directed the new undergraduate program curriculum. Ezell was also integral in two rounds of successful accreditations of the BSCRP by the Planning Accreditation Board, a few accredited U.S. undergraduate programs.

Dr. Ezell's primary teaching focuses on student experience, blending evidence-based teaching methods with adjustments to classroom tempos and moods that complement each topic. In the new industrial revolution requiring students to understand skills for jobs not yet conceived, Ezell's emerging interests involve designing and implementing the college classroom of tomorrow. Part of this exploration requires developing sophisticated digital learning pedagogies that humanizes instead of isolates. Observing heightened interest in defining online learning quality and rigor, Ezell decided to pursue an entirely online doctoral degree in higher education leadership to immerse himself in understanding the range of digital experiences from a student's perspective.

Dr. Ezell is the recipient of many awards for his teaching, including the Ohio State University Alumni Award for Distinguished Teaching and an inductee into OSU's Academy of Teaching; OSU's College of Engineering's Distinguished Faculty - Charles MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching; Ohio State University Faculty Award for Excellence in Community-Based Scholarship; Award for Outstanding Commitment to Student Education, and others. He serves the Drake Institute as a Senior Affiliate, a Faculty Foundation, Impact, and Transformation (FIT) Program mentor, and represents the College of Engineering on Drake's Teaching Collaborative.