David Sovic

Assistant Director, Research-related Programs and IR Coordinator

David M. Sovic, Ph.D., is assistant director for Research-Related Programs and the coordinator of Instructional Redesign at the Drake Institute. He earned a doctorate from The Ohio State University with a focus on Environmental Toxicology, studying the impacts of natural and synthetic estrogen exposure on reproduction in freshwater mussels.

He has taught undergraduate courses in biology and graduate-level professional development courses on biology teaching and learning. His postdoctoral research has centered on identifying effective approaches for training students in metacognition and other elements of self-regulation, as well as understanding how course learning outcomes can be used by students and instructors, alike, as tools for teaching and learning.

His other research interests include exploring methods to characterize alignment among structural course elements (outcomes, assessments, lessons, etc.) and understanding how such alignments correlate with student achievement and student perceptions of their own learning. David’s primary goals with the Drake Institute are to continuously support faculty, lecturers, and other instructors across the university in completing effective instructional redesign and to work with members of the OSU community, from individuals to colleges, to foster the development and implementation of efforts in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Discipline-Based Education Research.