Photo of Darcy Haag Granello

Darcy Haag Granello

Institute Senior Affiliate
Professor of Counselor Education/Director
College of Education and Human Ecology/OSU Suicide Prevention Program

From the moment Darcy Haag Granello arrived at OSU in 1996, she has been interested in pedagogy. Teaching is her passion. She has been involved with the offices that support teaching at OSU since her arrival, and she greatly appreciates the support that OSU offers for teaching.

She has always believed that teaching is a formative process – that it is something that requires constant attention and work – and it is something that should be shared among faculty so that they can learn from each other.

In 2001, she created the PAES Instructional Enhancement Initiative (IEI), which lasted until 2013. The PAES Instructional Enhancement Initiative had major projects and events. For example, they developed a Teaching Academy to honor faculty who spent time focusing on enhancing their instruction. She wrote and the faculty adopted a Peer Review of Instruction that is formative, rather than summative, and helps faculty at all ranks engage in continuous improvement of their teaching. They had events each quarter, such as book clubs, workshops, and ‘teaching tips’ – where faculty shared with each other ideas about successful strategies in the classroom. Faculty presented at the annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching.