Ana Del Sarto, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Dr. Ana Del Sarto is an associate professor in the College of Arts and Sciences. She teaches Latin American cultures and literatures in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and globalization and Latin American politics and societies in the International Studies program. A former OSU Ph.D. student, she came back as faculty member after teaching at Kenyon College and Bowling Green State University. 

Del Sarto believes teaching, research and service are three integral activities of a single endeavor. "Teaching without research and service becomes stagnant and formulaic," she says. "At the same time, research without teaching and service poses the danger of isolating us from the bread and butter of our profession: our students and our audiences. But service without teaching and research would transform the specificity of our role as academic intellectuals. Service provides us the opportunity to build bridges across academic units within and with other Universities, and to foster social and intellectual relations at different levels, with our students, our colleagues, and our profession."

Learning and teaching are two of her "dearest passions." 

"They endow me with the necessary vital energy and enthusiasm to explore and analyze a wide range of complex, though often contradictory, ideas within the classroom and in my research. Every semester and every new group of students represent a new challenge to my pedagogic and professional practice. Intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, civic engagement in diversity and inclusion, and structural inequities are the most cherished goals in my teaching practice."