Alcira Duenas

Alcira Dueñas

Faculty Mentor
Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences
Department of History, Newark Campus

Bio: Alcira Dueñas is an Associate Professor of Latin American History at The Ohio State University, Newark. She studies indigenous peoples as thinkers, legal intermediaries, and actors of colonial culture. She published the award-winning book "Indians and Mestizos in the ‘Lettered City’ Reshaping Justice, Social Hierarchy and Political Culture in Colonial Peru" (University Press of Colorado 2010); she was the Guest Editor of “Indigenous Liminalities: Actors and Translators of Colonial Culture in a Native Key” (The Americas, January 2015, Special Issue), in addition to many articles published in peer-reviewed journals in the US and Latin America.

Among other research awards, Alcira has been the recipient of two Fulbright Scholarships (1994-1996; 2013), a Max-Plank Institute Fellowship (Frankfurt, 2014), and a John Carter Brown Library long-term Fellowship (Providence, RI 2015-2016).

Teaching philosophy: Mentorship, teaching critical thinking skills, and help the students to discover the genius inside themselves. This means preparing faculty to mentor students with the aim to prepare them to intervene positively in the creation of a world with social justice, sustainability, and defense of life in every form.

On being a mentor: I am a first time mentor. I feel the urgency of multiplying my teaching philosophy as we move into times of challenges much harder than the ones I faced as a college student 40 years ago.

Rewarding moment: When I read letters that single students have taken the time to write to my dean to express how meaningful my teaching has been for them and how I contributed something valuable to transform their lives for the best.

Best teaching advice received or given: Less content and more teaching