Teaching@Ohio State and Reading List Reflection

This self-directed online experience serves as an introduction to key topics about teaching at The Ohio State University. Participants are presented with opportunities to become familiar with multiple perspectives on teaching, be exposed to evidence-based teaching practices, reflect on their own teaching practice and connect with resources that support their teaching.


Teaching@Ohio State Course

All members of the University community interested in accessing Teaching@Ohio State are welcome and encouraged to enroll. To do so, complete this form to request access.

To access the course, log in using your name.# and password at carmen.osu.edu, then select "Teaching@Ohio State" on the front page. View this instructional video if you need further assistance getting to the course. 

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 Drake Institute Reading List Reflection

Further your self-reflection through our accompanying reading recommendations you might find valuable whether you are designing a new course, redesigning a course or considering how to better support your students using evidence-based instructional approaches.

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Submit Your Reflection

To complete this portion, faculty must submit a reflection on one book and three articles. You will be asked to identify the book/article you read from a dropdown menu (there is the option to select "other"), and then describe what you learned from this book/article and how it might impact your teaching. (It is highly recommended that responses be word processed to ensure a backup copy is available.)

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