About the Teaching Support Program

The Drake Institute Teaching Support Program (TSP) launched in October 2018, and by May 2020, over 3,600 instructors had engaged with at least one of the program's activities. Although the Teaching Support Program was completed in May, 2020, it's components are still available as modules in the Teaching@OhioState Carmen course. 

 Teaching@Ohio State and Reading List Reflection 

 Instructional Redesign - Challenges faculty members to implement evidence-based instructional strategies in their courses.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there compensation for participation in the TSP?

As this three-part program requires a commitment of time and attention, all full-time tenure-track faculty and all full-time, non-tenure track senior lecturers, lecturers and associated clinical, teaching and practice faculty with didactic teaching responsibility were compensated over an almost two-year window for participation in parts 1 and 2. Those parts are still available for anyone who is interested in learning more about evidence-based instructional strategies. New faculty are encouraged to complete these parts during onboarding or as part of our mentor program.

Part 3: Instructional Redesign is an ongoing initiative.

How much will I be compensated for completion?

Full-time tenure-track and clinical, teaching and practice tenure-track faculty may currently receive a $1,150 one-time cash supplement for completion of Instructional Redesign.

When will my compensation appear in my paycheck?

It usually takes two pay cycles for compensation to appear on your paycheck. For individuals who completed parts 1 and 2 by the final May 15 compensation deadline, compensation will be applied at the end of July.

Who will determine whether my instructional redesign is sufficient for delivery and for compensation?

A review panel comprising staff and faculty affilites of the Drake Institute will evaluate IR portfolios using this rubric.

What if I have taken teaching professional development sessions already here at Ohio State? Do I need to complete Teaching Support Program components?

Every instructor is strongly encouraged to complete the TPI, Teaching@Ohio State, and the reading list reflection. No matter what level of teaching excellence you have achieved, these experiences will provide new opportunities for your growth and serve as helpful baselines for both you and the institution.

What if I don't see Teaching@Ohio State on my Carmen page?

Members of the University community interested in accessing Teaching@OhioState are welcome and encouraged to enroll. To do so, complete this form to request access.

How will the TPI results be used?

The Teaching Practices Inventory is, first and foremost, an opportunity for faculty to reflect on their teaching. As a formative instrument, the TPI allows faculty to gain insight into their current evidence-based instructional strategies. The Drake Institute will not be reviewing or sharing individual scores. Information gathered about teaching practices university-wide will be used to assist in program planning to more effectively support student success and teaching excellence.

If I have further questions about the Teaching Support Program whom do I contact?

The web page is the main source of information about the program. Drake Institute staff is also available to answer questions, either by phone at 614-688-2722 or by email at uitl@osu.edu