STEP Faculty Mentor Endorsement

Office of Academic Affairs

The purpose of the STEP Faculty Mentor Endorsement is to recognize the time, talent, and expertise that STEP Faculty Mentors devote to their STEP cohort members over the course of an academic year. STEP Faculty Mentors develop a connection with their cohorts and work to foster personal identity exploration, engage in dialogues with diverse populations, develop strategies for personal and academic success, and ultimately enrich the student collegiate experience. To students, STEP Faculty Mentors can become a meaningful and personal connection to the Ohio State University.

Learning Outcomes
  • Apply current research on teaching and learning to student interactions.
  • Engage with faculty mentors from across the university enterprise in sharing best practices for student interaction.
  • Work with university partners to assist students in retention and graduation through financial wellness, career exploration, peer engagement, and belongingness.
  • Use data-driven decision-making to improve practice related to student retention and graduation.


Participation Requirements

To be eligible for the STEP Faculty Mentor Endorsement, one must complete the following within one academic year:

  • Be selected to serve as a STEP Faculty Mentor and complete the Faculty Mentor Agreement
  • Attend Fall Faculty Mentor Welcome
  • Attend one September Project Workshop
  • Attend one January Proposal and Fellowship Workshop
  • Attend and review one STEP Expo
  • Attend Spring STEP Expo Lunch and Lecture
  • Through weekly, small-group dialogue, guide and mentor up to 16 second-year students during the fall semester.
  • Guide students to select professional development co-curricular programs (PDCs).
  • Interact with students one-on-one and provide advice and mentoring.
  • Guide students to select appropriate STEP Signature Project Consultants, if they are pursuing a STEP Signature Project.
  • During spring semester, assist students pursuing a STEP Signature Project in the development of a project proposal, including personal meetings and reading draft proposals.
  • Be an active participant in STEP activities, workshops, and professional development.
  • Serve as an ambassador for STEP across campus in your conversations with students, faculty and administrators.
Required Hours
85 Hours
Timeline for Completion
1 academic year (August-May)