Learning Design and Scholarship in Pharmacy

Would you like to (re)design a course or develop new media, partake in the college’s course CQI process, or formally develop a plan to evaluate and disseminate findings from your teaching efforts? In this endorsement, participants will partner one-on-one with IDs, Ed Techs, and/or Assessment Specialists with the goal of enhancing their teaching and learning efforts in the college of pharmacy. This endorsement provides participants the tools, time, and support they need to develop vibrant learning experiences through course design, CQI, or scholarship projects. 

Learning Outcomes
  • Create new learning experiences using evidence-based principles in course design, multimedia learning, and universal design. 

  • Develop authentic assessments by leveraging affordances of available college and university-supported educational technology tools. 

  • Implement improvements to courses through reflective participation in the college’s course continuous quality improvement process or through direct consultation with and OEIS team member. 

  • Measure impact of educational interventions through a project in the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

Participation Requirements
  • Participants must be affiliated with the College of Pharmacy. 

  • Participants must work with College of Pharmacy Office of Educational Innovation and Scholarship staff on a learning design project (e.g., course design or instructional media project), scholarship of teaching and learning project, or partake in the course continuous quality improvement process at the college. Participants can choose from one of these four core options to complete the endorsement. 

  • Participants may take any combination of professional development workshops as an elective option for this endorsement, but they are not required to do so.  



The final teaching endorsement application will require you to upload a completion of criteria email obtained from the College of Pharmacy Learning Design and Multimedia team.

Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
1-2 semesters