Evidence-Based Teaching: Instructional Redesign Topics

Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning

This endorsement is designed to support all instructors at the university to implement and assess evidence-based instructional practices. The program is open to instructors from graduate teaching assistants to tenured professors and will impact courses from introductory level, large lecture courses to the highest-level graduate courses offered at Ohio State.

Through participation in asychronous online engagements, participants will focus on using SoTL/DBER literature to guide selection of instructional strategies in addressing a variety of teaching challenges. 

Facilitators include Drake Institute staff, as well as local, national, and international subject-matter experts.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the short courses instructors will be able to take an evidence-based approach to instructional design/redesign in order to:

  1. Identify and address significant barriers to learning and other instructional problems or challenges.
  2. Improve instruction through effective implementation of evidence-based instructional strategies.
  3. Evaluate the impact and/or effectiveness of instructional practices that are employed.
Participation Requirements

To earn the endorsement, participants must successfully complete an IR-on-Demand short course, consisting of 20-24 hours of engagement delivered as an asynchronous Carmen course. 

Each course will follow the general IR-on-Demand short course template, which focuses on four core modules of professional learning that will support participants as they prepare for effective instructional redesign. These include: identification of an instructional challenge and defining of outcomes, learning about evidence-based strategies, planning implementation, and planning assessment. These topics are addressed within dedicated modules in each short course.

Courses are currenlty available on the following topics: 

  • Active learning in large lectures 
  • Peer review 
  • Team-based learning 

For more information and to register for IR short courses contact Dave Sovic at drakeinstitute@osu.edu 

Required Hours
20-24 hours of asynchronous engagement
Timeline for Completion
Successful completion of an IR-on-Demand short course