Educator Development Program: Educator Research Series

College of Medicine

The Educational Research Series (ERS) of the Educator Development Program (EDP) is a 10-month program that combines group workshops, independent work, and personalized one-on-one consultation services to help faculty learn the research process as it relates to health professions education. The goal of ERS is for faculty to design and prepare to conduct educational research; in doing so, faculty will develop greater autonomy in navigating various stages of educational research.

The Educator Development Program is sponsored by our partners at FAME at the College of Medicine. It is a year-long cohort program that begins in the autumn semester. Participants are admitted via an application in the spring prior to the start of the cohort. 

For more information about this program and to apply to be part of a cohort contact

Learning Outcomes

Through participation in this program, faculty will gain experience in three aspects of the educational research process:   

  1. Introduction to Educational Research
    1. Form an effective educational research team.
    2. Describe the requirements for ethical oversight by the Institutional Review Board
    3. Develop relevant and measurable educational research questions.
    4. Conduct an effective literature search for educational research.
    5. Apply an appropriate conceptual framework to an educational research project.
    6. Develop a logic model for an educational research project.


  1. Research Methodologies in Educational Research
    1. Identify an appropriate quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods design to answer an educational research question.
    2. Identify specific quantitative and/or qualitative methods for answering an educational research question.
    3. Evaluate quantitative and qualitative educational research.


  1. Disseminating Educational Research
    1. Describe strategies for identifying opportunities for disseminating educational research.
    2. Apply strategies for developing effective conference proposals and peer­ reviewed manuscripts for educational research.
    3. Discuss ethical considerations related to the conduct and dissemination of educational research.
Participation Requirements

The following materials are required components of the application packet:

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Professional Head Shot
  3. Narrative Elements
    1. Current level of experience with educational research (max 200 words)
    2. Interest in program (max 250 words)
    3. Goals and aspirations related to educational research (max 250 words)
  4. Needs Assessment
  1. Division Director or Department Chair attestation that applicant will be provided the time to attend if accepted into the program

Applications are evaluated based on the applicant's educational research proficiency (targeting novice to advance beginners), the quality of the applicant's narrative elements, and evidence indicating the applicant's professional development interests align with the Program.

Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
10-months typically October-July