Digital Flagship Educators

Office of Distance Education and eLearning

In order to develop digital literacy and workforce readiness throughout our student body, educators must model key skills and craft high-quality curriculum to students’ needs. Digital Flagship Educators provides technology to facilitate training in teaching methods and digital literacy development. Our ultimate mission is to support student success at Ohio State by pushing for consistent, effective teaching practices that produce workforce-ready graduates. Program delivery will operate primarily in blended, flipped class formats that use in-person time for device deployment, hands-on training and active sharing and connection. More passive content will be delivered via a Carmen course in which all participants are enrolled.

Learning Outcomes

Device Fluency

  • Model foundational knowledge of key digital terminology and use cases. 
  • Demonstrate ability to move content around between applications, onto other devices, and into web or cloud storage. 
  • Confidently identify of one or more methods to complete desired tasks; make informed, clear recommendation(s).  


Digital Literacy

  • Differentiate between device fluency and digital literacy. 
  • Understand components of digital literacy and merits of incorporating active learning strategies into subject area teaching. 
  • Identify key opportunities for course learning objectives to be met and measured via active learning strategies. 


Course Design

  • Evaluate a variety of learning and assessment integrations, determining each option's appropriateness for their curriculum. 
  • Strategize course setup choices based on student needs. 
  • Recognize the importance of core course info being centralized in Carmen and exemplify through instructional practices.  


Digital Flagship Educators is a cohort-based program that requires application. Visit the Digital Flagship site for more information, or sign up to receive updates about upcoming cohort opportunities.

Required Hours
Timeline for Completion
5 weeks - 1 semester