Curriculum Design for Medicine and the Health Sciences

College of Medicine

Curriculum Design for Medicine and the Health Sciences combines face-to-face group workshops and independent work to help faculty foster understanding of curriculum development as it applies to their professional practice. Enrolled faculty will have opportunities to design, and, wherever possible, implement curricula, while participating in interactive sessions on the design, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based teaching in the health sciences. 

Learning Outcomes

All participants can expect to:

  • Develop a teaching philosophy and evaluate personal teaching skills.
  • Provide peers and learners with clear, effective, and constructive feedback while attending to learners needs.
  • Apply basic curricular design principles and research-based best practices of clinical teaching and learning to an individually designed curriculum.
  • Critically evaluate instructional models and assessments 
  • Incorporate technology into planned active learning experiences.
  • Garner Stakeholder support to launch curriculum products and perform programmatic assessment for continuous curricular improvement. 
Participation Requirements

Participants must attend the 4 of the 5 face-to-face sessions and graduation, complete pre-modules and complete assignments outside the face-to-face sessions, and complete final project in order to advance toward participant outcomes. In advance of the first face-to-face session, participants must complete a Learners’ Needs Assessment; which will subsequently inform differentiated approaches to engaging faculty in educational activities throughout the program.  Participants will complete a curriculum outline based on backward design principles with peer feedback and present their curriculum project to their peers.



The final teaching endorsement application will require you to upload a completion of criteria document/certificate obtained from the Educator Development program.

Required Hours
Six 3-hour face to face sessions for a total of 18 hours in face to face sessions, and 2 hours of pre-work for each session and 2 hours of individual and small group activities.
Timeline for Completion
6 months. Runs yearly from January to June. Application required. Applications released in September.