Workshop on Assessing Instructional Redesign

March 1, 2021 | 12:00pm to 1:30pm

   The measurement of student learning provides useful feedback to instructors about the extent to which students meet course- or module-level outcomes. When instructional strategies are redesigned to promote student learning or enhance the student experience, assessment supports reflective teaching and development of a rationale for teaching practices. This workshop will introduce participants to methods for measuring the impact and/or effectiveness of instructional redesign and will provide an opportunity to consider, develop, and/or refine IR assessment. 

 Instructional Redesign (IR) encourages instructors at Ohio State to identify, implement and assess evidence-based teaching practices in their courses to improve student learning outcomes or enhance the student learning experience. Instructors interested in IR can test new evidence-based instructional strategies or redesign strategies they have used in the past and then submit an IR portfolio demonstrating development, implementation, reflection and assessment. In this workshop, we will discuss important considerations for developing an assessment plan to measure the impact and/or effectiveness of IR-related changes made to instruction.
   Upon successful completion and approval of an IR portfolio, IR-eligible instructors will receive compensation of $1,150.

After this workshop participants will be able to: 
   1. Articulate the role of assessment in the Instructional Redesign process
   2. Differentiate between direct and indirect methods of assessment
   3. Align methods of assessment to an evidence-based instructional strategy designed to address a teaching problem
   4. Consider what types of data and data analysis support a conclusion regarding effectiveness of an instructional strategy
   5. Review examples of successful IR assessment

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